Moussaka – Potato Meets Minced Meat

Moussaka (mousaka) is without a doubt, Balkan’s most popular, traditional dish! You’ll be hard pressed to find a taverna that doesn’t serve it or a household that doesn’t make it!!! This is a recipe for Greek Moussaka, Balkan’s best!!! Ingredients: Base ingredients 6 eggplants 5 potatoes (optional) vegetable oil (for frying the eggplants) For the […]

Sarma – Stuffed Dish

Sarma commonly marketed as stuffed grape leaves or stuffed cabbage leaves, is a stuffed dish in Southeastern European and Middle Eastern cuisine that comprises fermented leaves—such as cabbage, patencia dock, collard, grapevine, kale or chard leaves—rolled around a filling of grains (such as rice), minced meat, or both. Sarma is part of the broader category […]

Cevapi – Just One Kebab Piece of the Puzzle

 Authentic Balkan food. Ćevapi has been part of the traditional diet in Balkans for several hundred years. Ćevapi is made with two simple ingredients: spices and meat. Ingredients Cevapi 600 g finely minced beef (1.3 pounds) 300g finely minced lamb (or pork mince if you prefer) (10 oz) 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 teaspoon fine […]